Wellness Clinic ~ Healing Arts ~~~~~~ 831-245-8839 ~~~~~~~ Serving Hollister since 1986 We are located on the corner of 6th and 565 Monterey Sreet, down town Hollister California. Services by appointment~~ we are available and give a quick response by phone~~ Our services come from our heart. We have tirelessly trained to be your answers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ 1) Our Therapy Bodywork is: The use of our specific skills for gaining full freedom of movement and comfort with advanced techniques developed by Doctors for great results. These Techniques work for range of motion and pain relief. If you have tried EVERYTHING else with no success..please call! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Massage Therapy is: Aroma Therapy Detox Massage. (Certified Pure Therapeutic Doterra Essential Oils chosen for antiviral, antibacterial and health properties.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2) Our Colon Cleansing : Can include Colonic Services or Colon Hydrotherapy. Our Digestive Issue Repair: Can include both Products and services for a good Health and Wellness Detox. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~3) Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal: Is Effective and Gentle "Permanent Hair Removal" Done by FDA Approved and State Licensed. ~~~~~~ 4) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy with Life Coaching ~~~

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